4,000, 6,000 & 7,500lb. Vertical Hydraulic Boat Lifts

4,000lb., 6,000lb. & 7,500lb. Class I Vertical Hydraulic Boat Lift

5k Hydraulic Boat Lift-Cutout-Diamond

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The Lift That’s so Easy, You’ll Take it for Granted!

Our Class I Vertical Hydraulic Boat Lifts are the best built lifts on the market. Hydraulic Boat Lift design is a major factor when choosing a boat lift for you and your family. Consider how long you plan on having the lift and then consider it’s ease of use and aesthetic appeal. Nobody wants an “Ugly Lift” or worse yet a lift that’s not easy to use. We design our lifts with attention to detail and ease of use in mind. Diagonal bracing on the front and back prevent side to side swaying in strong winds. Lightweight aluminum construction along with stainless steel cables provide a rock solid structure that puts worrying to rest. Solid aluminum pulleys are mounted on custom machined stainless pins with grease fittings, reducing wear on these vital components. This combination of exceptional design, top quality materials, and superior construction is the reason a Bulmann Hydraulic Boat Lift will provide you with years of worry free use.

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Hydraulic Boat Lift Features


• Remote controlled. One person can easily operate the lift and either launch or land their boat.
• Fast and quiet operation.
• Hydraulic cylinder and integrated power source are located above the water, self contained on the lift and
protected from the elements.
• A single hydraulic cylinder provides the force to smoothly and efficiently lift you boat out of the water.
• Cables aren’t wound or wrapped. The stainless steel cables move around large diameter pulleys, eliminating
cable on cable contact, providing maximum life.
• A new safety standard! A welded counter balance valve adds additional hydraulic safety for your investment