10,000 – 26,000lb. Boat Lifts

10,000 lb., 14,000lb., 20,000lb., & 26,000lb. Class II Vertical Hydraulic Lifts


What sets the patented Bulmann Vertical Hydraulic Lift apart from the competition is that all of the moving parts are out of the water when raised. The hydraulics and electrical components are all self-contained and covered to provide a clean appearance. Covered moving parts and electrical accessories offer a level of safety that is second to none. Bulmann Vertical Hydraulic Lifts offer an array of user friendly controls and accessories. All hydraulic lifts come standard with two remote control key fobs so you can operate your lift from the boat or on the walk down the dock. Another convenient standard feature is the night time docking light, also activated with the remote control.


Check out some of our 10,000 – 26,000lb. boat lifts at (and on their way to) their new homes!





Choosing the right lift for your investment is a no brainer when you have Bulmann on your side. We custom make these lifts on a “per order” basis.