We offer a complete line of accessories to compliment your dock.

Flower Box

flower box

This is our exclusive accessory!  You can’t get this one anywhere else.  The box is made from marine grade material and aluminum mounting bars.  No drilling is required!  There are drainage holes to allow water to run down the bars into the lake, keeping it from the dock surface.

 Shepherd’s hook

shepherds hook edit

This hook is made from aluminum and allows you to hang a flower basket over the lake to prevent getting dirty water on your decking.

Flag Pole


Our flag pole features a 16′ telescopic aluminum pole mounted in a bracket with a PVC sleeve that allows the pole to turn preventing the flag from winding around the pole. Attachment options include an under the dock mounted bracket and an auger mounted pole for high wind areas. American flag is included, State and Collegiate flags available on request.

 45 Degree Right and Left Section


CAD Drawing for example


45 degree sections allow you to attach a finger pier at an angle from the main dock. 45-deg. sections are a standard 8′ on the long side and 4′ on the short side. When you are standing on the dock looking toward the lake, a left section runs 45-deg. to the left and a right section runs 45-deg. to the right. These sections include the hardware for installation.

 Swim Ladder

Edited ladder.psd

Our ultra sturdy aluminum swim ladder has adjustable legs with feet pads that rest on the bottom of the lake as opposed to being hung from the dock. It mounts very easily and drilling is not required.  They come in 3, 4, & 5 step models.



Our stairs feature 28″ wide x 8″ deep treads and are available in 3 steps to 9 steps. The bottom feet do have some minor adjustment. Hand rails are standard. Mounting is very easy, drilling is not required and they can be mounted anywhere. Allow 8″ of total rise per step.


IMG_2870This bench is the most comfortable dock bench made. The angled seat and back will fit you perfectly and the space saving design saves you over a foot of deck space because it hangs off the side of the dock. Comes in standard white and 4′ and 8′ lengths.

Cup Holder Armrest

Cupholder armrest edit

Armrest cup holders are available in white only.  They are made out of a marine grade high density polyurethane material and feature a stainless steel cup holder. These are a perfect compliment to any bench (or anyone who likes a beverage while relaxing on their dock). The cup holder attaches underneath the seat of our bench without drilling! Wine glass inserts are also available! Keep your vino safe while enjoying the view.

Leg Stands

Outer Dock ConnectionUnder Dock ConnectionLeg Stand Adjustment






 Leg Stands are available in six different lengths: 11″-18″ (7″ adjustability), 18″-32″ (14″ adjustability), 28″-52″ (24″ adjustability), 46″-70″ (24″ adjustability), 64″-88″ (24″ adjustability), and 82″-106″ (24″ adjustability). The legs have a 6″ by 10″ foot pad pre-welded on the end. Leg stands are adjustable by loosening the set screws and telescoping the leg in and out until it is at the appropriate length. Typically, one leg stand complete with legs is needed for each section. The leg stand serves as the connector when connecting sections consecutively in a row. If you decide to run a section parallel to create a platform you will need an extra leg stand to support that section. Perpendicular sections require only one leg stand and a Finger Pier Attachment.

Dock Box


A toy box for your dock!  Store your gear on the dock instead of hauling it back and forth.  Dock boxes are made of fiberglass, making them waterproof.  Gas shocks are available for safer closure.  We stock corner and seat top boxes, but other models can be special ordered.

Corner Bumper

Corner bumper

Corner bumpers are made of a soft vinyl that gives when bumped.  They measure 6″ x 6″.   They pair nicely with the integrated bumper.

 Integrated Bumper

integrated bumper

Our integrated bumper installs easily within our side stringer channel.  It can be placed in either the top or bottom or both channels!   It features a soft extruded vinyl with UV inhibitors and fungicide to keep it looking new year after year.  It not only provides protection from bumps and scrapes, but it enhances the clean straight appearance of the dock.

 Fold Down Cleat

IMG_2105 IMG_2107

No more stubbed toes!  These heavy duty plastic cleats fold down into the base when not in use.  They mount on top of the dock with four bolts and can be placed where needed.  They come in black and white.

Auger, Auger Bracket, Auger Pole and PVC Post Cover

auger coverd Auger pole edit

Heavy waves pounding your dock? Our auger system is what you need!  Auger poles mount to the side of the dock with a bracket.  The auger bites down into the lake bottom and secures the dock’s position.  No drilling is required.  We offer a post cover to hide the pole while creating a vertical bumper.  Post covers are made of PVC with UV inhibitors so they won’t yellow in the sun.

Vertical Bumper

Vertical bumperbracket.jpg Vertical bumper and augersOur vertical bumper is a great way to protect your boat and your dock. It mounts to the side bolt slots and can be moved wherever contact will be made. The vertical bumper is a heavy duty aluminum pipe that is concealed with an attractive white bumper. Perfect for tying up to while boarding the boat or for a quick visit from a neighbor. The vertical bumper is recommended for light wave and wind conditions.

Bird Stop Posts


These 12” aluminum posts provide a
place to secure bird line. This prevents
waterfowl from landing on your
dock, keeping it clear of bird droppings

Dock Step Down Bracket

Step Down Bracket Edit

The dock step down bracket allows a section of dock to be connected below the previous section creating a step. This can be a good way of changing elevations without a stair case or ramping the sections.

Solar Lights

IMG_1896 IMG_1942.JPG

We offer a clear solar light for docks that need to be seen.  They can be mounted on the side or on a post.  Lights also include color choices that you can change!

Power Pedestal

Power Pedestal

These attractive pedestals can provide both electricity and water to your dock. Shown mounted on our custom bracket for easy “no-drill” installation and flexibility.

Utility Channel

Utility channel edit

The utility channel connects to the
underside of the dock allowing you to
secure and hide wires and hoses.

Finger Pier Attachment

Finger pier attachment kits are used to attach a section of dock perpendicular. This kit makes this dock system very modular with an infinite number of configurations without drilling any holes. After the original set up, seasonal removal and installation is a breeze. Just loosen 2 set screws in the fall and tighten them in the spring. Finger piers can also be used to attach the Bulmann dock to an existing dock, seawall, or stairs.

 End Cap

End caps are recommended for an exposed end of a dock section. While end caps are cosmetic and not always necessary, they are necessary to connect accessories to the end of the dock.


The long brace is a telescoping adjustable brace that prevents the dock section from moving longitudinally. It is recommended on any straight run of ten sections or less.

 Deep Water Brace

Deep water braces are used primarily in deep water where no finger piers are used. This brace prevents the dock from moving side to side. In deep water, a finger pier section with a long brace does work better. This brace works pretty well on its own.