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Personal Watercraft Lift (PWC)

Worry Less, Ride More

Protect your investment with a Bulmann PWC Lift. We offer a variety of lifts to suit your specific needs. View our spec sheet here or watch the overview videos linked below.

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The classic, wheel turning PWC lift. Since it’s original version, our manual PWC lift has grown and adapted to the machines on the market today. Watch to learn more.

Double Hydraulic

Designed by Bulmann Dock & Lift, this lift offers an experience like no other product on the market. Each side of the lift operates individually. You can easily land and launch a PWC by yourself with this lift.

High Lift

Designed for waterfronts with varying water level and featuring 60 inches of lifting bed travel, these lifts will keep your PWC above the worst of waves. Ideal for bays, rivers, and canals.


PWC Lifts come standard with four single post guides. Additional accessories include a bow-stop, canopy, and bird stop posts.

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Bulmann products are the best in the business - explains why they have so many docks and lifts on Lake Charlevoix. Would strongly recommend them to anyone.

Russ DCustomer

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Find our product at our authorized dealers. We recommend purchasing and servicing through the closest location to your lakefront home.

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