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Founded for a Purpose

At Bulmann Dock & Lift, it’s family above all else. We strive to provide customers with the best lakefront experience possible while creating quality jobs for our employees. We never stop trying to improve, and we enjoy doing it.

Founded in 1998, Bulmann Dock & Lift was started by Steve and Becky Bulmann. The company originally sold, installed, and repaired lakefront products for customers in Northwestern Michigan. He found that his customers wanted a higher quality, premium product to match their lakefront living experience. Steve set out to make those products himself.

In 2001, Bulmann Dock & Lift moved from Steve & Becky’s personal property to a commercial manufacturing facility in Boyne Falls, Michigan. Here, our design capabilities were established with our first dock and boat lift designs. The other pivotal factor that rooted in Boyne Falls was the baseline of our culture.

In October of 2013, the company purchased a facility in Boyne City, that could house the vision for Bulmann Dock & Lift. By providing superior lakefront solutions, creating a culture of employees who care, and by continuously improving, the company was able to expand this facility in 2019 and again in 2022.

Our Culture


To provide career opportunities that enable the means to a good quality life for our team members and unparalleled support for our dealers.


Bulmann Dock & Lift is committed to manufacturing the highest quality and the most user friendly lakefront products. These products improve customer’s access to the lake and maximize their enjoyment on the water.


Become the most dealer friendly brand in the industry.

Core Values

  • Respect

  • Passion

  • Teamwork

  • Safety

  • Communication

Our Team

Tracy Ammerman

Crew Member

Lance Anderson

Team Member

Alexander Badgley

Crew Leader

Stephen Barker

Marketing & Advertising Specialist

Trevor Barker

Engineering Intern

Christopher Binger

Director Sales & Marketing

Curt Binger

Plant Manager

Trevor Bowen

Vinyl Work Cell Leader

Jessica Bulmann-Laisure

Accounting Specialist

Stephen & Becky Bulmann


Tommy Bulmann

Direct Sales

Jasmine Buschbacher

Team Member

Aidan Carr

Team Member

Jeremy Coleman

Crew Member

Connor Carlson

Crew Member

Manuel Cordova

Human Resources

Hans Creutz

Product Design & Development Engineer

Dakota Cupp

Boat Lift Technician

Elijah Daman

Crew Leader

Kevin Denise Jr.

Team Member

TJ Douglas

Direct Sales

Destiny Francis

Industrial Sewer

Jordan Gervais

Crew Member/Team Member

Edward Green


Lori Hart

Customer Experience Manager

Jordan Hartman

Technical Support Engineer

Gavin Hernandez

Crew Member

Brooks Holland

General Manager

Devon Hood

Team Member

Kyle Humphrey

Team Member

Caresse Inman

Team Member

Doug Jacques-Apger

Crew Leader

Lee Karsten

Warehouse Team Member

Bryan Kemp


Ryan Klomp

Crew Member

Kevin Knoellinger

Equipment & Facilities Maintenance Manager

Troy Krussel

Crew Member/Team Member

Noah Lahman

Dealer Representative

Richard Laisure

Fleet Technician

Garrett Lash

Service Manager

Shawn Lefevre

Director of Warehouse & Distribution

Ryan Leightner

Floor Supervisor

Austin Loper

Team Member

Trevor Martin


Chuck Murray

Team Member

Travis Nelson

Crew Member

Robert Niester


Charles Oelfke

Crew Member

Robert Peasley

Team Member

Timothy Pierz


Piper Place

Crew Member

Daniel Plumstead

Production Supervisor

Thomas Provan

Crew Member/Team Member

Truman Reams

Crew Leader/Team Member

Maddie Reece

Team Member

Jason Repaal

Crew Member

Reggie Richmond

Team Member

David Richter

Team Member

Beau Schmidt

Crew Member

Aiden Sherman


Madalynn Smith

First Impression Specialist

Brett Stackus

Team Member

Logan Stanley

Engineering Technologist

Justin Sudderth

Team Member

Austin Thompson

Crew Member

Mitchell Trezise

Team Member

Jeff Tussey

Direct Sales

Ben VanAllen

Team Member

Austin Vance

Crew Member

Joe Verberkmoes

Crew Member

Vincent Vescio

Crew Member

Gavin Yates

Crew Member

Wyatt Youngs

Crew Leader


Bulmann Dock & Lift foraged its company purpose around providing career opportunities that enable the means to a good quality of life for our team members. Employment here offers more than financial stability. You can expect personal and professional enrichment as a member of our team.

Our opportunities are regularly changing.
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