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Lifting Expectations,

Lowering Hassle,

Lasting Longer.

Bulmann Lifts are built from the highest quality materials and make using your boat easier than ever. Canopies provide extra protection, and guide systems make using the lift a breeze.

Engineered For You to Enjoy More


Trust Bulmann Lifts to protect you, your property, and your summertime vacations. We remove any sharp edges and fit bunks and guides to the size and shape of your boat.


Solar panels charge our closed-loop systems. Operate the lift from the control box or included remote, and with Ultimate Guides, discover a new boating experience from a fast and reliable lift.


Engineered for looks and functionality, our lifts outperform the competition. Our lifting beds lower through the frame and sit on the lake bottom, maximizing usability in shallow water conditions.

Lift Categories

Personal Watercraft Lift (PWC)

1,300 and 1,500lb. Capacity

PWC Lifts are built with the highest quality materials to withstand the abuse of bigger lakes. Our high lift variant offers the most protection on high energy lakes. Vinyl Bunks require no maintenance. Guides, canopies, and other accessories make Bulmann PWC lifts the easy solution to accessing your personal watercraft.

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Vertical Boat Lifts

2,500 & 4,000 lb. Capacity

Incorporating the double V side frame provides uncompromising strength and easy access to your boat. Additional bracing at the front and rear prevents sway in the roughest of conditions. These lifts will protect your smaller watercraft and have variable beam widths to fit your specific boat.

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Class 1 Lifts

4,000, 6,000, & 7,500 lb. Capacity

Our Class I vertical hydraulic boat lifts are designed to withstand heavy conditions. Utilizing V framing, a lifting bed that lowers through the frame, and remote-controlled hydraulic operation, these lifts let you take control of your time spent on the lake. High lift variants are available.

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Class 2 Lifts

10,000, 14,000, 20,000, 26,000, 32,000 lb. Capacity

Class II Hydraulic Lifts are built to lift the heaviest boats out of the water. Quit driving to the marina, remove traffic from your summer schedule. Access your boat whenever you want and protect it with a canopy and guide system.

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Boat Lift Accessories

Outfit your boatlift with the features you desire. Our High Rise Canopy maximizes protection, wheel brackets for installation, or an Ultimate Guide System for ease of use.  Accessories are available across lift sizes and categories.

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Find our product at our authorized dealers. We recommend purchasing and servicing through the closest location to your lakefront home.

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