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Decking Protection

Protect Your Dock Safely With Style

A combination of bumpers and bird stop posts are the surefire way to keep your dock protected for the long term. All of these accessories are available on both of our dock systems.

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Integrated Bumper

Horizontal Edge Guard

Integrated Bumper is added into the accessory track of our dock systems to create a safe place for boats to moor on. Pair this with a fold down cleat and you can moor without having anything stick up over the edge of the dock.

  • Soft Extruded Vinyl
  • UV Resistant
  • No Hardware Required
  • Anti-fungal

Vertical Bumper

Safe and Stylish

Vertical Bumpers will protect moored boats and your dock in light wave/wind conditions. The bumper is a heavy duty aluminum pipe that is concealed by a white post cover. This is what will cover up the High Wind Auger Tie Down System.

  • Capped Vertical Bumper
  • Boat Mooring Point
  • Accessory Track Mounting
  • No Drilling Required

Corner Bumper

Don’t Forget the Corners

Similar to the Vertical Bumper, corner bumpers are made of heavy-duty pipe that mounts to the side of the dock. These also utilize a white bumper post cover.

  • Capped Vertical Bumper
  • Protects Slips
  • Accessory Track Mounting
  • No Drilling Required

Bird Stop Posts

Keep Birds Off Your Dock

12-inch aluminum posts provide a place to secure bird line. This prevents waterfowl from landing on your dock, keeping it clear of bird droppings.

  • Reflective Bird Line
  • No Drilling Required
  • Accessory Track Mounting

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Find our product at our authorized dealers. We recommend purchasing and servicing through the closest location to your lakefront home.

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