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What Stability Options Are Right For You?

The modularity of our dock provides numerous methods for stabilization. The best combination of these accessories depends on your lake bottom and lake conditions. Your local dealership can help you determine what is right for you.

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Deep Water Bracing

Side to Side Support

This brace connects the legs of a leg stand to provide additional support when long inner legs are used for deep water conditions. It adds support to reduce side to side movement when on the dock.

Standard Bracing

Front to Back Support

Connects one side of the leg stand to the dock top to reduce the amount of movement forwards and backwards when on the dock.


Windy Condition Solution

Covered by our vertical bumper posts, the auger system keeps the dock in place throughout the season in windy areas. It protects against wave action that might jostle or move your dock.


Prevents Sinking

Mud-shoes are an alternative footpad for our inner legs. They provide a wider foot, which helps keep the leg from sinking into soft mucky lake bottoms.

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Find our product at our authorized dealers. We recommend purchasing and servicing through the closest location to your lakefront home.

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